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Gregorys Anomaly by Richard SessionsWhat makes a human “human”? Gregory’s Anomaly takes readers on a suspense filled tale that tries to answer this most fundamental question.

The Story: Six-month old Gregory Shenko defies traditional scientific thinking when an electroencephalogram (EEG) reveals extremely high voltages coming from an oversized lesion in his brain. When the university doctors caring for Gregory experience violent episodic headaches and claim the episodes somehow stem from Gregory’s brain “anomaly,” the academic and public controversies explode and speculation runs rampant. Could another line of hominid have survived the evolutionary process or are the reports merely a hoax?

Public reaction drives Gregory, his mother, and his pediatrician into hiding. Years later, an adolescent misadventure brings the Neanderthal-appearing Gregory back into the public’s attention and the world must decide: What makes a human “human”?

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As reader Katie Riley states: “Sessions uses an amazing blend of human relationship dynamics and twists of science to plunge you into a captivating world of new possibilities.”

Island Woman by Richard Sessions

Island Woman by Richard SessionsAn Adventure in History and Time

Richard Sessions’ well-received novel of a modern young woman’s adventure in the early 1700s of California and New Spain, takes the reader through a suspense and action-filled tale. Abbie, our heroine, is unceremoniously stranded back in time on one of the Channel Islands, off the coast of what is today Santa Barbara.

We’re not giving away too much of the story when we say she survives and her adventures have just begun. She’s captured by Chumash Indians, lives with them, travels on Spanish warships, and jousts with Spanish land owners and priests.

Sessions delivers a riveting story, while also painting an accurate and fascinating picture of life in early 18th century New Spain (California, Mexico, Panama and points south). This is a book to be read for both the pleasure of it and for the historical insights!

Says Robyn Parnell, Author Of “People Like You” And Other Short Stories— “[Sessions has] created an authentic voice for Abbie—a young woman possessing both a great deal of education and spirit…I got very much ‘into’ Abbie’s adventures; in fact, the epilogue made me want a sequel.”